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12-28-2010, 07:47 AM
Devs have discussed the possibility of fleet-owned starbases as part of future development (likely not for a couple seasons yet). Additionally, they're toying with the idea of admirals commanding pet ships (similar to your bridge officers on away missions)

Funny you mentioned SFC. I think this game strongly resembles SFC, but trades some of the complex micromanagement for the ability to use the various Star Trek goodies (tachyon pulses, emergency power to structural integrity, feedback pulse, extend shields, etc.)

I for one, am very grateful that STO doesn't resemble EVE Online in the slightest.

As for all this stuff about running a branch. What? Oh yeah, that's very Star-Trek-like.

(P.S. admirals still get their own ship: see Riker in All Good Things.)
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12-28-2010, 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by Nikahn
Ever heard of Eve Online?

I support the OP. As an Admiral why can't I own my own station and manage day to day operations? Why can't I open a store, sell supplies? Have my own branch of Starfleet? Hmm? HMM??? But sadly I don't think we'll ever see this kind of depth in STO.
Because if you actually watch the TV shows this game is based on, thats not what they were about. They were about a captain and crew exploring the galaxy on their ship. Granted, DS9 was a station, but it served the same role as a ship in the other TV shows. There were characters that sold things, but they werent the main characters. And your own "branch" of Starfleet? LOL. Join the military and then tell them you want to start your own branch and be in charge and see what they say.

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