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12-28-2010, 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Nerubian_Assasin1
I have played on the klingon side and witnessed exactly what you say is only prominent on the fed side. They are not that organized, they do not always communicate, and they do not always know 'exactly' what they are doing.
Seems to depend on the level range. To be honest, I've seen both factions become more and more equal in terms of teamplay, likely because there's quite a few Klingons going Fed and Feds going Klingon. I maintain that there is still a noticeable gap and that it will likely remain (due to the simple fact that Fed gameplay is more focused on PvE).

It's a lottery in what kind of team you end up with, but so far chances are slightly better when you're KDF. I have seen and fought uncoordinated Klingon teams with my Fed Tactical as well, though. And I got pwned on KDF-side by Starfleet teams with superior teamplay - though I wouldn't go as far and say that my team sucked in those instances, we were just not on the same level.

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