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In several Cryptic missions there are occasions where you encounter an enemy vessel and after some combat the enemy commander hails you and says 'till we meet again' and leaves. Or, realizing you are fighting the same enemy he is, basically becomes your ally (ship label turns to blue from red, etc).

If this can be done at this time, how do you do it?

I know you can put friendly groups of NPC's on a map and give them the appearance of the enemy using costumes, but from what I've seen so far those NPC's immediately register as ally. How do you get NPC's to switch from being hostile to ally or visa versa?

Thank you!
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12-29-2010, 12:45 AM
currently no. you will need to do a workaround which includes a nice theatre trick, it you can pull it off. However the warp out animation doesnt work correctly yet
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12-29-2010, 05:02 AM
yes... you can use the theatre trick and spawn a friendly vessel after the enemy is destroyed that looks identical, but there are some difficulties at the moment... Things will improve, but if your story is "Stuck" because of it... try just killing the enemy vessels escorts and then the NPC contact ship is left over to speak with and beam to or what not... just use dialogue to explain that they surrender or parlay or are disabled or whatever...

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