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12-29-2010, 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
So they plan on having online transactions and automated billing, but don't have the business savy to check to make sure it is working properly? I want to buy more cryptic points, but I can't due to a server issue! They are missing out on a business transaction (at least one, possibly more) because they choose to take a two and a half week vacation!? How many businesses come in at least two or three days between Chirstmas and New Years if only to make sure things are running smoothly(or to make sure the pipes are not busted, or the power has not been disconnected)? EPIC FAIL!
The trouble with the OP has nothing to do with the fact that Cryptic only have a skeleton crew during the holiday season.

The OP want to get an item before he has reached to correct level. Holiday or not that would not change that fact...

And for you... Do you think that they left without checking if the server was up or that nobody is there to check on thing? That fact we do not see a lots of thread about C-point trouble mean that the server is running. Yes they could have some trouble with it but that does change the fact is it's working for the most people.

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