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NOTE: This is a re-post of a thread started in the Combat forum...in hindsight, it seems the PvP forum woul dbe more appropriate.

I'd like to explore the possibility of pacing combat(not necessarily extending it) through a reduction in rates of fire of all weapons across the board, and through the significant increase in cool downs for all the various specials/Captain and BO skills(some being extended significantly more than others).

The hope is that the use of each weapon volley will be more thoughtful and decisive, the use of each buff and debuff used more strategically, and most game changing, the increased time between weapon discharges would make maneuvering (actually all combat aspects other than attacks) more important and significant within each engagement.

This doesnt mean weapons get nerfed. They can still have the same sustained damage output...in fact, they might actually be more powerful(which might agree more with canon) with respect to thier burst damage. What becomes important now is the delivery of those weapons, the decision of when to use them and the time provided between salvos which allows for more thoughtful tactical responses to the attacks(shield facing adjustments, maneuvering, etc.) by the target. Each attack and each special becomes much more important since none of them can be spammed.

I don't really mind that in past a Escort could destroy a ship in 2 salvos...but what was disturbing was that these 2 salvos and the subsequent destruction of the target was within a matter of a few seconds.

I don't mind that light vessels are squishy (like my beloved BoP), but that there was little benefit in the ship's ability to utilize its maneuvering to mitigate damage to an arc.

I don't mind the various specials and buffs/debuffs...but I've always been a bit erked that one's survival is so strongly tied to the frequent spamming and repeative use of these specials to survive, deminishing the importance of basic, core disciplines...all because and in response to the fact that our attacks are also spammed. Honestly, I can't stand the ever present use of specials that are being activated every 15-30 secs....for me persoanlly, it is just too much and excessive. I would have wished that "specials" had actually been made special...and not ever present spammage.

I'd like to see shield balancing made more important. I'd like to see the rate of weapons fire decreased so that the shifting of shield power becomes more important. I'd like to see it shift at higher rates...but this won't matter much unless the cool downs between each weapon salvo is increased. Shifting of shield power won't matter unless the cool down between the various shield buffs are longer...so that the shifting of the arcs becomes critical in managing the the shield arcs between weapon impacts....which becomes viable because they will be more time between weapon impacts to make the shifting of shield power viable.
Once again, this is in an attempt to deminish the importance or at least the predominance of specials in combat.

I guess what I'd like to see is combat coming back to basics. With the rows of "power strip" becoming less of a button mash, with our chosen list of specials becoming more streamlined. I really don't want to see the next tier of ships with even more BO slots...I'd like to see more powerful slots, but for the love of God, please not more slots.

Please discuss...intelligently.

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