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12-31-2010, 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by Sekrit_Agent
Blah Blah Blah
My only response to you if a parady of your own signature:

A famous philosopher once said, "What a man covets most but can never have, he passionately hates."
I wonder how many STF haters are still in high school?

I was going to ignore this post as more STF whining, but since you're being rude to others, had to respond...

On topic:
Originally Posted by Captain_Oops View Post

Originally Posted by Captain_Oops View Post
FIX THE HOLDS - 30 seconds? really what moron thought this would be "FUN"?
Stay back from the borg, stop trying to melee them

Originally Posted by Captain_Oops View Post
FIX THE TRANSFORMERS - Frustrating the hell out of the casual players is a really good method to kill subscriptions, and interest from the lifers (of which I am one). The purist loves the hard challenge but isn't that why elite and advanced were created?
I do think the third group is pointless and just there for annoyance... generally if you can get past the second, you can get past the third. That aside, it really isnt that hard of a concept. Kill the workers. Push them back. Turn on all the transformers at a decent pace. Anyone can do it, so long as they are willing to put a minimal amount of effort in.

Originally Posted by Captain_Oops View Post
FIX THE RESPAWNS - Because nothing says "FUN" like running for a solid 3 minutes if you have to respawn and wipe. You've known about this from the begining of the STF's
Only thing wrong here is that stupid bug where you get transported way, way back if you die toward the end of the mission, instead of at the second checkpoint. Think its just a problem with calculating the closest spawn point instead of checking the pathing to the closest one (or why not just send people to the most recent...). Do agree with you here...

Originally Posted by Captain_Oops View Post
FIX the BOSS - enough threads about bugs on this one.
Some bugs, still easy to beat. One person melees close range, others distract the borg. Fairly simple and hard to screw up, even with random bugs.

Originally Posted by Captain_Oops View Post
Now usually there is a reply posted about how if you were as awesome as "me" then you wouldn't need any of these fixes. And to those people, great and how many times do you go and fight the crystal entity a day? Another example of stupidity.... unless of course they finally fixed it.
I do it whenever a group of friends and I get together, take over an instance, and fill it up with people what are competant. Same with STFs. Run with people that listen, and it's easy. Run it with people that dont pay attention, dont read, dont listen, and you're going to get frustrated.

Originally Posted by Captain_Oops View Post
If the focus is fun and getting more people to stick around and enjoy the game and bring their friends please cryptic don't frustrate the majority of casual gamers with retarded gameplay. You've done some great things and it keeps me personally coming back because I enjoy the fun part of the game.
I do agree with you, it should be made fun for everyone. I heard there was talk of making single player versions of all the STFs. I assume it wouldnt give assimilated borg set and higher tiered gear as reward, but at least it will let others have fun and experiance the story line. I am all for something like that (lets call it easy mode ) But if you are trying to make STFs overall easier, then I have to say no. They are frustrating to do in PUGS. Easy to do with a group of good, competant people. So stop pugging if you care so much.

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