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((Okay, the 23rd fleet is dedicated to roleplay in the 23rd Century Era, stationed in the Eta Eridani Sector, charted with cleaning up the mess of the earlier eras to attempt to preserve peace post-Khitomer/undiscovered country time-frame. We use the uniforms and the era appropriate ships for RP purposes, and our guildsite can be found here Please apply to site if interested, or PM me personally for any questions. Would prefer a brief interview in-game anyhow. Cheers))

From: Shull, Rear Admiral, Commanding 23rd Fleet stationed Eta Eridani Sector
To: Nogura, Fleet Admiral, Chief of Starfleet Personnel and Postings, San Francisco Headquarters

Admiral, I shall be brief. To begin with, this fleet should never have sailed for the Donatu sector. We where unready, and understaffed, just as we remain now. In the past month, we have lost 2 Federation Starships in this region, with all hands aboard. Brush Fire Engagements contine with rebel factions of KDF warriors despite the council's call for peace at Khitomer. The situation, is bleak, and I implore you sir, to dispatch a diplomatic envoy and a few more ships to the sector, take them out of mothballs if you have to, but let me make myself unmistakably clear...

There is nothing more vital to the Federation at this moment, than the cessation of conflict along the Neutral Zone. The starfleet is outmatched on this border, and if pushed, could open up the floodgates to a war in this region of space that will never end thanks to desperate Klingon tactics. If that happens, then there can never be any peace between our peoples, which I fear....will only result in our mutually assured destruction.

Shull, Rear Admiral. Out.

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