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# 1 RA mission- Cage Of Fire
01-02-2011, 03:19 PM
I just completed this mission today and I have to say its not a bad mission at all. My problem that I encountered with the mission is that my bridge officers seem to have lost their minds during the entirety of it lol!

The mission takes place in the fire caves and my bridge officers seem to want to spaz out and run off the edge into the lava. They even all ran off the edge together one time! While frustrating, it reminded me of the movie Ice Age where all the birds ran off the side of the cliff chasing "the last melon".

Seriously though I had to closely moniter their movements as they constantly became stuck behind walls, on the sides of the rail walkways, and sometimes when following me, they would try to run though the railing and end up plummeting to their death in the lava. Even when I used the "go here" arrow to a specific point on the ground, they would try to run there and sometimes they made it.. but most times they just spazzed out and ran off the ledge.

The only way to get the bridge officer(s) back is to jump into the lava myself, die, then respawn to recover them. I know the bridge officer AI isn't supposed to be this suicidal but it was funny to watch sometimes.

Usually my bridge officers are not this spazzy and most of the time they keep up with me pretty well. I also observed some of the Cardassians in the mission run off the ledge to but somehow they were able to jump back up on the ground and start fighting. Does anyone else have bridge officer suicides during this mission or at all? If so.. does anyone know of a "work around" to avoid needless bridge officer deaths?

Other than this... its a good mission lol.

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