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I was looking at this on my Foundry tester character recently and started to wonder exactly what kind of item it is:

Chromodynamic Armor

I can't make out the image clearly in the item (bordered by red), but it looks like a zero.

So, I'm guessing this is not a scaling item, judging from the blue phasers, which have an infinity symbol.

But it doesn't list armor stats either.

So what kind of item is this?

Is it intended for low level use, up to RA level or use through all the levels in the game, up to the cap?
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12-31-2010, 11:47 PM

Chromodynamic Armor
Rare Body Armor

Bind On Pickup

+6.1 Physical Damage resistance
+6.1 Kinetic Damage resistance
+3% All Energy Damage strength
+2.6 All Energy Damage resistance
+5% Critical Chance
+40 Critical Severity

To answer your question, the reistances do not scale up with your level. However, the % bonuses are based on your other stats, so they scale up as those stats increase (which is not directly tied to level). Stat-wise, the item is equivalent to a rare-quality "[Energy Harness MK II (CrtD) (CrtH)]"
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01-02-2011, 04:32 PM
Chrono armor was one of the original STO Prelauch Bonuses. If I remember right this was through Steam.

And yes its a Mk II item. This item wasn't meant to level up with your character unlike other items in game.
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01-02-2011, 04:36 PM
it has a nice unique ingame look though its a pity its visuals arent shared among the othe ingame armour ( far to little variation in these as it is )

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