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# 1 Power/Utility Tray
01-03-2011, 09:47 AM

Could it be possible to add keybinds for changing power/utility tray "tabs"? Currently (at my knowledge) only way to change between tabs is to use mouse to click up/down arrow in left side of power/utility tray to get into other tab. This works of course, but in my opinion it's sometimes a bit slow method. With keybinds (for example INS for up and DEL fo down) it could be made much more faster (appreciated in combat) and I could group powers to different tabs by their type or combat situations where I most likely need them.

For example in space combat I would like to use this kind of setup:

Tab 1: Most commonly used powers
Tab 2: Shields and Engineering
Tab 3: Tactical
Tab 4: Science
Tab 5: All weapons (for firing weapons invidually without automate)

Would be nice to hear comments and suggestions from fellow captains!


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