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01-02-2011, 02:02 AM
There are still some bugs, but the Foundry is pretty stable itself. There are a lot of features we all want that are still missing, but that doesn't necessarily stops The Foundry from going live.

Assuming they want to enable the Foundry on Holodeck "soonish", they need to do two things:
- Fix Bugs (costumes, NPC wandering, pathfinding and line-of-sight/effect and so on)
- Start testing the rewards system for mission completion.

Originally Posted by AzureAlliance View Post
Far away.

Ship costumes for NPC contacts (they're coded in but not appearing; every NPC contact ship looks the same)
Pathing needs work
Both used to work better a while back, though pathing definitely needs more options.
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01-03-2011, 03:00 PM
I think it needs a bunch of features added before it is truly ready for release. Things like better conversations, importing and exporting of maps and costumes, better controls on aggro, and a couple of other such things.

And, of course, needs some bugs fixed.

That said, if they fix the bugs, what they have could go live as a barebones version.

But I do think that doing so would cause issues when some aspects, like conversations and the aggro controls, could cause issues with how the data is stored. So it'd be better to get any major changes in first, rather than rushing it to live. Doing so could cause the programmers to have to deal with legacy code, making things messier than they need to be. Get it done while it is only on Tribble and you can wipe the slate clean, avoid that issue.

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