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# 1 Returning player questions...
01-03-2011, 11:48 PM
Hi all,
Returning player here. I played for about 40 days back in April '10. I remembered getting bored and went back to CoH (where I have like 97 million alts). Anyways, I thought I'd give this game another shot. I had left a KDF (Engineer) char at LC 4, in his K'tanco battlecruiser. Well, I got back on and went back to T'ong missions and got him to LC5 just now.

Okay, so... some questions from a returning n00b. No, wait, I don't even qualify as a n00b.... I'm just a ch00b. After a month I might rank up to n00b.

1. Is T'ong nebula grinding still pretty much it for levelling? I did manage to get a nice rare torp launcher during this, and slapped it in immediately. Also, I've noticed you can put everything on Auto now, not just two weapons? Kinda nice not having to worry about that, I can just joust and watch the buffs / abilities.

2. How the heck do I unlock my UI on the ground, so I can move the toolbar, chatbox, etc. around? I totally forgot, and somehow, apparently, I locked it before.

And now the big question....

3. When I get to Commander, should I go BoP (I think it's called Norgh?), or go with the K'Tinga? I was kinda surprised to find I don't have cloak at all on the K'Tanco. Unless I just don't know where to look lol. For some reason I was thinking all Klingon ships had cloak, but only BoP's have battle cloak? (Like I said, I can't remember hardly anything lol)
If the K'Tinga can't cloak, then I'm going BoP. Probly. Maybe. I dunno...
Also, how do you get this K'Tinga refit version? And, can you use it at Commander? What's the difference between the refit and normal?

Another thought I had... since you can put 3 Fore Weapons in the BoP (right?) I was thinking... why not go 1 DHC and 2 torp launchers, and just spec this guy for torps? (I usually put a turret and array in the rear) My sci officer has that ability to drain enemy shields, so... if I keep that going, I should be able to use a strategy of buffing my upfront DHC, open with the shield drain move, blast, shields down fast, then torp buff + torps. Maybe. I dunno. Like I said, I'm just a ch00b lol. And I just do PvE. And right now I wouldn't even dream about teaming with anyone, cuz I still don't know WTH I'm doing lol.

Also, I made this guy to look like a Romulan, so I hope that doesn't P.O. any serious Klingon players. If you read his bio though, you find out he's an android that was created to infiltrate the Tal Shiar. And did. A BoP would probly be more appropriate for this guy.

ANyways, thanks for any advice y'all, and have fun blasting those Federation dogs! Rarrr!

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