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01-05-2011, 07:34 AM
Looking at the original purpose of this thread, I'd say I have to agree.
Carriers and Star Trek and carriers in don't fit really well.
Aside from the in this regard odd game Star Fleet Battles, carriers are not really connected to Star Trek.
I don't really see the current Klingon carrier (I mean the Vo'Quv and the Vod'leh, not the captured tingy) as carriers in the sense they are used in this game.
They are more like mobile outposts with service equipment for smaller ships that would otherwise not be able to function far away from home space.
It's not a carrier in the sense of the WW2 and beyond carriers mentioned above that its purpose is to move into an area and launch fighters that then go at the enemy.
When we go after the original description given before STO was released,


it's quite the opposite:
These ships would be too precious to be put into battle in the first place.
Noone would be foolish enough to send a drydock into battle either!
If anything they should be renamed "mobile command post" and used in a future territory control PvP game as a counterpart to small Federation outposts, like this:



The Klingon ship could have different properties, like to ability to move in combat and no need to ferry its parts to the front and then assemble it there.
But otherwise it should be basically something you protect because it's expesive and far too vulnerable for the resources you put into building it and moving it close to the front.
Since it's supposed to carry ground-troops, it could also be used as a plot-device in a mission where you need to escort it into rang of a planet where it can then launch a host of assault shuttles (for which the model used for the Klingon pet-Runabout counterpart could be used).

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