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01-06-2011, 05:37 AM
Originally Posted by heimskringla View Post
I have one on Atarax. I don't remember when I received it or if it was green/blue/purple or just common. They exist. I've seen lots of all-female boff crews before, though, so they may be rare.
I got an all female alien crew as well, but they are all common (white) ones so because someone has an all female alien crew doesn't mean that they aren't all common ones.
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01-06-2011, 06:49 AM
The first about 3 month I tried to get one or two female BOs on Klingon side (because I want them to look human and I believed the qualety of the bos really effect the gameplay). However, I didnt have sucess. And there were several threads about that back then, I'm sure Cryptic is aware of that but they simply dont care.

However I believe the reason why people prefer Female BOs is not just the fact that people want to create a "personal harem". I tried to "recreate" the crew of a fanfiction story I wrote years ago and that had as many males as females. I endet up with mainly "recreating" the females simply because its POSSIBLE for them. The costumisation options are simply better. So I was able to create more or less the females the way I wantet them to look.... but the male.... that didnt work. Primarily because of the bad haircuts; most of the male haircuts do not look very good. And the exact TWO I consider "usable" are used very fast, if I use them for all my crewmen would look like clones...
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01-06-2011, 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by TheDarkWanderer View Post
I guess the big question then is ,,, does Cryptic know there about the fact or is it just a "ghost/glitch" in the system. Obviously not a big enough concern to create a ticket for, but has anyone heard of them even mentioning this before (not like they don't have enough to do grant you).

Has anyone heard of this mentioned by any of the Devs at all?
From what I've read, they're not going to bother with any of the species/gender BO gaps until the crew revamp slated for S4-ish, and I wouldn't be surprised if the more 'premium' combinations ended up being cash-only anyway.

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