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OK, we all love Star Trek to be here, but how far has your love gone? Have you crossed any lines that you now regret? Are there photos of you on the Internet in full Klingon costume? Do you have any Star Trek Tattoos that are too embarresing to share? Do you yell "Engage" when driving your car as the lights go green?

I will start it off by listing my collection ...

  • Star Trek (TOS) DVD Box Sets (Season 1 only)
  • The Next Generation DVD Box Sets - Capsule Hard Plastic edition
  • Deep Space 9 DVD Box Sets - Capsule Hard Plastic edition
  • Voyager DVD Box Sets - Capsule Hard Plastic edition
  • Enterprise DVD Box Sets - Capsule Hard Plastic edition
  • All Movies DVD Box Set
  • Movies Blu-Ray Box Set

Model Ships / Toys
  • Enterprise D Model (painted many years ago)
  • Enterprice NX-01 Toy Model (With lights and sounds)
  • Enterprise JJ Toy Model (With Lights and sounds ... sorry it was on special)

Games Played
  • A Final Unity
  • Elite Force
  • Elite Force 2
  • Armarda
  • Armarda 2
  • Star Trek Online (Life Member, 300 Days +)

  • Generations & First Contact movie art book
  • Titan series books
  • Framed film cell of Undiscovered Country
  • Late DS9/Movie Uniform Jacket with comm. badge (command Red)
  • Kids size Engineering Uniform (JJ Movie) for my 2.5yo son :p
  • Own the James Darren music CD's
  • Have a STO Blog (167 posts since April)

... How much love have you got?

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