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01-05-2011, 09:12 PM
What type of rewards can we expect?

Skill Points for completing the mission / Skill Points for killing x number of NPC?

Can we expect Items? and what type of Items? MkI, MkXII, the new Borg items?

Or are they just adventures to be done just for fun with no additional reward.
At the moment you get nothing other than the regular stuff fir killing baddies e.g 1 or 2 XP per kill and regular drops appropriate for your level (not sure about green or blue items, I haven't paid attention).

They were testing an NPC who gives out a UGC daily mission to play 3 missions that gave skill points. But I don't know if the rewards system is decided yet.
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01-05-2011, 10:19 PM
the random drops are pretty standard...have had a few greens drop during UGC missions
others had made.....not many, but does happen.

ok rewards.....most likely to happen

1. point toward an acolade for doing UGC
2. some generic amount of skill points based on length

>>> IF....I did say IF.. your mission is choosen by the developers to become a regular randomly
offered mission....all bets are off.

They <cryptic> will assign a reward similar to their normal mission rewards to include gear
or a BO or what have ya.

Not sure how many UGC missions will be promoted to Standard mission status.

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01-05-2011, 10:48 PM
Originally Posted by StanStan View Post
I just want to say thank you to everyone who puts in the time to make quality missions on Foundry.
Ditto. x10
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01-07-2011, 05:29 AM
Do keep in mind, the foundry will go through a lot of changes over time.

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