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01-07-2011, 04:02 AM
lol so even though the rules say US residents only, there's no mechanic in place to actually enforce that, even though every web broswer on the market knows exactly where you are in the world unless you use some kind of proxy?


I have no sympathy for them being swamped with junk entries in that case, but it's still well out of order to submit someone else's design as your own.

Seriously, it's like baby's first game studio at times lol
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01-07-2011, 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by Z3R0B4NG View Post
i guess one of the many problems why people do this is because only US citizens are able to win anything, so why take this joke of a website serious if you can't even win.

i'm in germany, i wanted to submit something, the site did not hinder me to do so, did not even ask for my adress or anything. of course it is spammed by the rest of the world that just wants to show off the ships they want.
I had a feeling it was Germans doing it...............kidding!
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01-07-2011, 08:38 AM
Well at least the people in charge of the contest will know better designing the next time, but considering how unprepared and unprofessionally this contest was set up, I am not sure they will get that second chance.

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