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01-07-2011, 12:20 PM
I think my point has been a little confused, so I'll elaborate.

IF we're to be subjected to the DSEs as implemented, the Borg DSEs need to be cleaned up a bit. The fleets (and they ARE fleets, typically a Cube, three Spheres and 5+ Probes - usually two groups like this literally on top of each other such that the cubes are overlapping) are so close together that it is nearly impossible to engage them with any real hope of success unless you have a large group of players working together. A player on his own is pretty much doomed; especially since the Borg are usually in the entry area.

Use Polarize Hull Plating or Attack Pattern Omega to break tractors and Evasive Maneuvers/Deuterium Tanks to get away.
Problem solved.
This kind of dismissive answer annoys me. Ok, smart guy, explain to me how a Cruiser uses Attack Pattern Omega (a Commander Tactical ability)? Tell me how to switch to my Polaize Hull Science Officer while in combat? Tell me how to warp out while in combat?

Either way, this was not the issue. The issue is that the Borg fleets WITHIN the DSEs are too close together, and generally too large. Hard enough taking on a cube by yourself, let alone a Cube, 3+ Spheres and 5+ Probes (actually, it's usually 2+ Cubes, 6+ Spheres and 10+ Probes). The ships need to be spread out more so it's possible to find one or two on their own.

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