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01-06-2011, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Tiberion1701
I think he isn't just removing the accolade.

In remastering the mission, he is changing it so that saving the crewmembers isn't possible

Or more likely, that 3 new accolades are being added, so that each career can save the crew in class-specific ways.

So if the mission is changed to such a point that the accolade would be obtained in such a way that its totally different than the old one, then isn't it best to just retire it and add new ones for the new version of the mission?

Retired achievements markers and trophies do exactly what you said they do; they show that a player played this game when it was in a different state.

Sorry, new guy, you can't get that old accolade. But good news, you didn't have to play that older, less polished version of the game, either!

True, but what if a "vet" didn't have enough time to recieve all the "old accolades?" Wonder if Acoount age will dictate if one could recieve "all" the accolades or just "aww too bad you didn't make it...we're locking them down now?"
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# 12
01-06-2011, 01:07 PM
I dont see anything wrong with retiring certain accolades as long as they give some notice to the ones they are retiring and people who have completed them keep the points. Consider it a veteran bonus to be able to have afew extra point, its no big deal since they do not effect game play whatsoever.
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# 13
01-06-2011, 02:59 PM
Originally Posted by Trueheart
I think you're hitting on a different topic now. Yes, I agree more than damage should be used to determine rankings in fleet actions, however that's not my point. My point is any player has an opportunity to achieve an accolade regardless of when they started playing the game. The fact that sci guy has to spec out and become proficient in an escort is unfortunate, however is much different than having no way whatsoever to achieve the accolade. Most accolades are pain in the rear and time consuming, it just goes with the territory.

As a player who enjoys achieving the accolades in the game, I find it arrogant and completely unacceptable to tell a new player "too bad" when it comes to achieving accolades. If I was new and realized I couldn't get the Azura trophy and the answer was "well sorry new guy you can't do that, it's only for us veterans" I'd be understandably upset. Keeping new players from achieving old accolades does nothing to make this a more enjoyable game.

If "remastering" a mission means you lose the ability to go back and acquire any accolades associated with that mission, then I'll kindly pass on the "improvements". If they want to go back and completely change the old missions, then at least leave the old missions available "as is" so people can pick up missed accolades.

It was a bad idea when they grandfathered in the old science consoles with the higher stats. It gave veteran players an advantage over new players and I really hope they don't again repeat that same mistake when it comes to obtaining accolades.
yes, i think we were hitting another topic all together on the issue of fleet actions. and yes a total off topic issue as well.

i agree that there are people out there that collect accolades, you being one, and i can see the dismay you have with removing any of them. but what if the result was still the current wall representation we have, but the only change was that a class specific task had to be completed to gain it, rather then a generic task?

what if they changed the wall display to better reflect the class?
i.e.: sci gets the medical symbol, engy gets a gear representation, and tac gets a grenade.
maybe the azzura wall mount will be the same but with class colors as more prominent or as a base to the reward? (just tossing a few speculations out there)

i do agree that removing accolades is not the best, as i dont even have near the amount you do, but i still thing the idea of achieving some sort of accolade as a class dependent achievement is really neat.
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# 14
01-08-2011, 06:19 AM
Hmmm or we could have "general" accolades and then also the addition of class-specific ones?

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