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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
In the end, every player character is special. Nobody wants to be the ordinary, average guy. if we would, we'd have to stay Ensign or Lieutenants and our endgame would consist of synchronizing a blue and a red wave.
Hah! I knew someone would point that out.

But I still maintain that's beside the point. Every player character is unique, just like we are in real life - that does not have to make him or her special, though. There actually exists a level between "nameless goon" and "spotlight hero".

As for the rank, both Starfleet as well as the Klingon Empire consist of many more high ranking officers other than the ones we followed through the shows. Plenty of Captains without the superhero syndrome. Take Equinox's Rudolph Ransom, for example. Perfectly normal Starfleet officer, yet a cool guy.

But again: YMMV. I find realistic characters far more appealing than special snowflakes, especially considering the ancient MMO rule of "when everybody is special, nobody is".

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