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01-08-2011, 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Factions in STO don't make sense if developed like factions in WoW or Guild Wars or Star Wars.
That's because they're NOT like WoW factions. They are based of canon military organisations. They're not supposed to be like WoW factions, they're supposed to be like Starfleet and the KDF.

Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I think we need a real overhaul of what a faction IS and how content is designed for them, honestly.
I don't. The faction (since that's the word you used) setup in STO seems perfectly fine for the setting it's being applied to. Considering the problems the game has, i think doing a total revamp of something as significant as the player organisational level would be a waste of time and far too big a risk of having it blow up in their faces if they get it wrong.

Originally Posted by Leviathan99
Federation Tactical = Alliance Death Knight
Federation Science = Alliance Paladin
Federation Engineer = Alliance Warrior

Klingon Tactical = Horde Death Knight
Klingon Science = Horde Paladin
Klingon Engineer = Horde Warrior
Honestly, that's not even close imo and to add, why do we want a system that merely copies another game anyways? No wonder this industry is stagnant when it comes to gameplay. Noone wants to do anything but copy the big games with their gameplay.

Originally Posted by Leviathan99
This is a radical redesign. This isn't just "let Klingons and Feds team-up" or "open some (or most) Federation missions to Klingons." I'm suggesting that what a mission is shouldn't have faction. It should be a situation which anyone who encounters will have a stake in and participate in the same side, potentially, in.
Radically redesigning the game at this point is not going to help it. All it's going to do is try and rebuild a core element of the game that whilst not spectacularly interesting doesn't actually need fixing. It's going to take time away from development of content that frankly, this game cannot afford to do, you only have to look at the forums or read zone in game to see that.

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