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# 1 STF Borg Rewards...Bugged???
01-08-2011, 09:51 PM
Forgive me if this is the wrong area to post this and/or if this has been discussed. I tried word search before i post this but didn't find anything relevant to my post.

I played INFECTION last night and beat it twice since season 3 started.
Beat Cure for the first time on Season 3.. I received both the borg Assimilated stuff that goes along with completing those STF missions. And also the Loot drops for beating "boss" borg Awards

What i'm confused about is I received a very Rare item after the space battle in Infection from the Loot Drop and the Borg Graviton array. Both listed below.

[Positron Deflector Array Mk X [Em] [ST] [Spa]] 90,000 credits

[Assimilated Graviton Deflector Array] 180,000

One is worth 90,000 and the other is 180,000 credits... Both were instantly bound to me upon pickup. I didn't need either of them.. I wanted to sell it back to the vendor for half price as usual. But for some reason it wouldn't let me sell them back. I assume it wouldn't be they were bound to me upon pick up... Why would Cryptic allow you NOT to sell them back to the vendor but yet give them a credit value of 90,000 and 180,000 credits??? I hope this is a bug and that it';ll be fixed.. I know the AEGIS stuff is 180,000 credits and you can sell/buy on exchange or sell them back to vendor...

Just would like some clarification on this.. Thanks

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