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I appreciate the new crafting system, alot! But I would like to request the ability to hone in on certain materials (i.e. the ones used in crafting.) I am not asking you to make grinding go away (even if i really really want it to), but I am asking that you make it easier to find specific items.

For example I needed mineral samples... alot of them... now then where do i go to get mineral samples... the answer is everywhere, but they are completely random when they show up... so I gind for hours getting every kind of material i dont need. So I go to the exchange.... that was a mistake... but the only way I could get what I needed at the cost of an arm and a leg.

What in essence I am requesting is that you put certain materials in certain zones only, or in greater quantities when you find them, or perhaps with greater frequency of popping up so that it does not create such a headache to go and 'mine' for them, and with added supply maybe demand will begin to decrease and will bring the exchange prices to a more reasonable level.

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