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01-09-2011, 11:57 AM
I'm a nice purrson when I'm online, I try to help and I try to not bash the game, unless there has been server meowntenance for a week without a day of no meowntenance. *lol* Butt that's only because I luv the game so much, I care so much for the game that I can't stand when it's off for so often.

And to say sumfin nice in here: Chat, your avatar is cute.
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01-09-2011, 01:55 PM
Well from reading this thread I'm glad I chose not to go to ESD last night and just logged off to real life.

I'm going to reply to this thread in a somewhat different fashion then most have. And I'm doing so because I'm an eternal optomist in most cases, until a person or situation proves to me I'm wasting my time.

I'm posting this as a general idea/response not a direct one to either the OP or anyone who has responded, it's simply my thoughts about the atmosphere of the game in regards to the overall concerns shared here.

I personally feel that if someone dislikes the game, that is they find NO area of it that they enjoy at all, then it would seem only to make sense they move along. However, though someone through experience, may have a serious problem with one, or more parts of the game, that doesn't mean they dislike it enough to leave, and given that they should not only be allowed to share thoughts on topics, but should be encourage too and here's the big one, supported in it.

To me, personally, the true crime, the true problem, is when someone turns a discussion about a "computer game" into a reason for a "personal attack". When you hear someone speak their mind and you suddenly discount them out of hand, or attack them for having shared it, you aren't helping that person with the issues they have. You aren't contributing positively to an already bad situation, uping the vitrolic nature of discussion does nothing but pour gas on the flames.

What I tend to see and perhaps it's because of this particular Franchise? I'm not sure, but I see people who are driven to the point where they speak up or post regarding issues that to them, as human beings, are important and often times what they are hoping for is help. But there is a backlash that borders on and at times is deeply personal. As if some feel a bond to the game over the bond that should be first to the human being sitting behind the screen. To me this is just very hard to understand.

As people, I think our loyalty and focus should be on our fellow human beings. We should not defend the working mechanics of a "Computer game" over the feelings and concerns of another person.

Does the idea that someone would place the concerns over a "game" over the value of a persons concerns seem to be against not only the interests of the game in the end, but sadly misplaced?

For every post or comment I see someone make that is in regard to concerns over the game or perhaps how situations have been handled, you can be sure to see responses from people who disagree. And that right and ability to disagree is and should be respected. However, when you have no direct experience with anothers situation/experiences, and you simply run to disagree and chastize someone for speaking up, you simply add to the friction between each other and make the matters worse.

If everyone learned to accept and respect the views of others, even in cases where they disagreed, the feeling that some have of a divided community would begin to fade.

Nothing makes the experience the OP had or thier choice of what to do after it positive, but certainly we can all each of us, personally choose not to make it worse. Here in this example and in others in the future.

Place people in life first. Place things and fantasizes in distant places.

*hops off the I'm bored and typing soapbox*

Be nice to each other!
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01-09-2011, 02:17 PM
Who you are with can ruin a party, no?
(general statement meaning that people around can ruin your experience)

Originally Posted by ErisTheVorta View Post
And to say sumfin nice in here: Chat, your avatar is cute.
Cute and comfortable!
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01-09-2011, 02:40 PM
Alright. So I didn't know what to expect, but curiosity got the better of me and I'm back to see what's happened as a result of my post. I must say, I am quite surprised by most of the replies thus far. Where was this group of people when the chowderheads took over the chat waves?

All I could hear was grumbling, griping and insulting of the very game they are on. STO needed defended, and when I tried in an impartial, impersonal manner, I got the troll book thrown at me -- at warp 9.

Again, what I couldn't get over was the sheer depth of it. The fact that they would compare notes like a scorecard... ...what do you say to something like that?

Anyway, I digress. I was amazed to see so many statements explaining several elements to look into, suggestions for how to make things better, etc. This is clearly a major, key element of what I was missing. Again, I will stress mildly that I -did- have some good positive experiences during the tryout. I met folks briefly, though non-commitally, that either helped me or I helped them. I didn't need to have my hand held to get started aside from a suggestion or two, which was appreciated mainly in that it wasn't insulting and denegrating when mentioned. I appreciated that part of things. So a fleet is the way to go then. Suggestion taken and filed. I may give it another go after a respite.

Granted, there are a few indignant pickleheads that felt the need to rant on a more personally insulting level in response to my OP. To me, they just didn't get the point. It was simply to enlighten and not so much compare as it was to say, I've dealt with similar things before, only then with a further clarification of why the comparison. WoW and STO have almost zero in common. To those that felt butthurt for me even bringing that title up, sorry, ...but suck it up. Some of us play different genres. Deal with it.

The whole point of my post was not to whine about mistreatment. It was not to complain about meanies, bullies or your choice of random animal posteriors. It was intended to be a last service to the community at large, about what was happening in-game to potential folks like me who were trying it out. The STO player base, I would think, ought to be at least a little concerned about the presentation that is being given to new folks right out of the gate. The majority of responses to this original post seem to have brought a lot of that to the surface. And now, for the first time, I'm getting a real inside look as to the true players' nature here. It's enough to make me rethink my initial conclusion, no promises of results of course.

When I first set out to do this little "community action call", it was merely with the mindset that I didn't plan on being back, but the game itself deserved more than another quiet departure. I wanted to do something to tip off the community that there was a potential problem in their environment they might not be fully aware of. Again, I'm glad to see the reaction, and such a powerful one thus far.

Thank you to those who took time out to share their thoughts, offer their advice and sympathies, and who definately showed me that the trolls do not yet own the game. As to the rest of you, your opinions are noted, but on the whole ignored. I really don't care what your feelings are toward other games. Again, some of us play multiple genres.

I'll take this information and see if I feel like canceling that cancelation after all and maybe coming back for round 2, better armored and informed so that I am readily able to deal with the aforementioned trolls at large the next go around.

If these open invitations are just that, open offers, then I may indeed look into contacting a few of you so I can get on board with some like-minded, good and honest people. I appreciate everything offered up here. Thanks for your time and good hunting to all of you.

~VVH, aka "Morg"
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