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Devs, there are tons of media announcements out there saying that players can NOW create their own missions. So, what happens when they come back to sto to check it out? They find the Foundry on Holodeck with no options and no information about what is going on.

Why do you guys do stuff like this? At the very least, can you communicate to returning players on Holodeck? If the Foundry is not functional on Holodeck, tell people where to go. Let them know that they need to go to the Tribble test server. Communicate.

For every one or two people frustrated enough to find the forums and post "Um.. how do I make a mission?" there are probably hundreds who just move on.

Figuring out what is going on is not some fun mini-game within a Cryptic game. All of us are tired of answering the same question over and over again on the forums.

Seriously, pretend for a minute that you're a new player, eager to create your own mission. You go through all of the tedious steps to redownload STO, patch up, and finally launch. What do you see? A create character screen with no options? After a few minutes of frustration what do you do?

Go to the STO website, and you find a Foundry-Beta link in the drop-downs... it takes you to the main page... NO HELP.

Go to the Foundry forums after scrolling what seems like 45 subforums... NO HELP.

Foundry FAQ... NO HELP.

Foundry General Discussion... NO HELP.

Somehow, a returning player magically has to know:

A. Hey, if you want to create a mission, you have to go to a different shard, called Tribble.
B. That is where the Foundry is, which is what you can use to create a mission.
C. We won't tell you how to get ther UNLESS you click on a sticky in the main Star Trek Online discussion area.

I would pull my hair out if I was a new player. It would confirm everything terrible that I believed about this game and its unprofessional developer. I'd give up before it got good.

Please stop being so cryptic. Why really on tribal knowledge? Make the game grow. Communicate.

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