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01-10-2011, 12:01 AM
Originally Posted by CaotKirk View Post
Thats not my attitude. I am just frustrated because it's not working and i am at the correct NPC.
I switched to the english Client and it works. If i switch back to the German Client it's not working anymore.
Nearly everything that was introduced since Season 2 does not work or does not work correctly in the non english Version. :/
That is really frustrating. I fully understand that not everything can be fixed momentarily, but Since Season 2 nothing has been done to fix the localized Versions of the Client. Cryptic keeps adding Stuff which is working fine in the English Client but at the same time brakes the localized Client Versions even more and i can see no progress or even something remotely beeing done by Cryptic to fix the localized Clients.
Ignore the people flaming you, you explained your problem and they either didn't care enough to pay attention to you mentioning the German client part or they just want a chance to flame.

Localisation issues have plagued the non english clients for a while now i believe and this sounds like another one of said issues. As one of the posters above me said, file a bug report and clearly and consiely explain the issue with as much (relevant) info as you can and maybe even post a message on the International board so that Wishy can see it and perhaps look into it if others are having the same problem.

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