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Hello fleet officers!

I am a mature, friendly player who has been here during beta and decided wait a bit and let the game grow to prevent me burning out on it. I think the time has come to re-ignite the warp drives and boldly go where probably most of you have gone already! ;-)

Anyway I would like to join a fleet and experience all STO has to offer with fleetmates. I have a broad interest in about everything the game has to offer; be it crafting, missioning or pvp. I want to experience it all eventually.
I will not shy away from some roleplaying, but as I am new to that aspect I might need to learn a few tricks still.
I am looking for a mature fleet, where people understand that real life has priority and might mean you will be offline for a specific time. Where camaderie and helping eachother is high on the list and above all where having a good time instead of having top performance is valued.

I am based in the GMT+1 timezone, but my playing times vary quite a bit due to my iregular work schedule.
Consider me new to all things STO as far as experience goes, eventhough my account has been active since launch.

One tiny thing to note; real life takes precedence. I am not looking for a hardcore fleet with set dates and appointments its members need to attend.

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