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01-10-2011, 04:16 AM
i have just ventured into the realm of gound pvp, my gear is not great etc but i think getting rolled only happens when you have two or more fista sisters* on the other team (assuming you are not facing a full fleet premade of other ground fleets)

After a few matches, and given my general lvl of skill is very poor, how inexperienced at gound i am, my lack of top end gear, the fact i have zero points invested into ground, the ground pvp does not seem all that imbalanced.

When waiting for players to become brave enough to venture back into space pvp once we have driven them away ground is a fun distraction and it never fails to make me laugh at just how shockingly bad i am, tho i am in a premade even then, only Hilbeard really has a clue. Anyhow a good kicking is good for the soul and keeps your ego firmly on the ground


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