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I recently resubbed, and I was playing yesterday no problem, then all of a sudden for about two maybe three hours could not stay connected to the server. I was running the nettest proggie but the results changed everytime I ran it. Numbers ranging from 2000kb/s to no response at all.

I tried shutting down antivirus, and software firewall, though the game was running fine with it on...

I tried resetting my router, which didnt seem to effect anything, one way or another.

I placed my computer in the dmz, after turning my software firewall and antivirus, and again ran nettest and still was getting very hit or miss responses. I stopped playing started watching a movie, and when I started playing again around 8PM didnt get booted again.

This happened on a Sunday, so it wasnt and shouldn't have been a peak demnad issue. I am on Broadband cable, with upgraded service, and have had no issues on any other games I play, including other mmos.

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