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I just came back to the game after a long (around 7 months) break i wanted the game to mature a bit before i
would give it a fair go. I'm hoping the fact im a life member it actually gets some results out of the Staff

I logged into the game after downloading the game completely fresh, character went slightly nuts with rewards or xp gained (guessing from not logging in for so long) i run around with light lag, i then get to a point 5 min later where im lagging out 50 seconds at a time, my internet at the time was fine i checked it. thought maybe my toon was buggy so ported back to ship. only to lag even worse and forced to close sto.

Now im stuck at retrieving list of maps and even if i manage to get past that im hit by a you have been disconnected.

First off there is no issue with my pc or my internet or my router. all ports are forwarded im with a gaming isp that prides itself on speed to every game. ports 7000-7500 are all open and working (tested them myself)

i have also tried my fathers router no luck, tried safe mode and using both eu and us proxies no luck no firewalls are up anywhere on my router or pc i shut them down to try and play didnt do anything i also have no virus checkers running during gaming or use wireless internet/network

I know this is a problem with cryptic as alot of people seem to get this problem i refer to these threads

ive spent a good 5 hrs straight trying to puzzle this out please give me some useful advice

thanks in advance
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
01-10-2011, 05:03 AM
Day 2,

manage to play alot of the day (perth australian time) with 0 lag and awesome ping
now im at the same time i was trying to play the game yesterday and i cant play or log in

this has to be a cryptic problem my isp doesnt just pick a time to make sto stop working.

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