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Originally Posted by Ninjaboy View Post
There are MMOs that have open world PvP encounters which "lock" for X amount of time (sometimes hours) once successfully captured. That's not an unreasonable request for a territorial gamemode.
Yes, but if you have it where it's lose control like C&H, then you end up fighting at the same spot until people get bored and move on. So having it recapturable every hour or so, then you feel like the battle is actually progressing.

Originally Posted by Ninjaboy View Post
Also in other MMOs they have it balanced so it's even number of players on both sides participating in the zone at one time. Unfortunately
MMOs I played PvP in never had it balanced population-wise (but was class-wise), because it is "Open PvP", not some queued or balanced system. That's the thrill of it, a small group of very skilled individuals fighting against the odds or a large group of players chasing out a smaller group of hostiles in order to claim the zone to do PvE Raiding.

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