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Hey guys!

Got some useful improvements for the NPC Contacts and NPC Groups!

First NPC Contact:
Think is would be fine if i can set any emotes on simple "NPC Contacts".

For Example: Iam working on a Beta map, 1 Contact is surrounded by 5 Mirror TOS Ensigns ... the Ensigns points and laughs but my Civilian stay cool and only stands emotesless there.

I want to add a feared emote for this Civilian but no options to set this on "NPC Contacts".

My 2nd issue:
"NPC group"

Same sample ... 5 Mirror TOS Ensigns have surrounded 1 Civilian. All 5 ensigns do all the time the same emote... point and loughing.

It would be the best to set single emotes on every "actor" within the "NPC group"

Have tried Jumping Jack on the Mirror TOS group, looks very hilarious... they jumping around the surrounded civilian^^

Only a proposal... so we can bring more dramatically scenes to the player.

Other Issue what should be improved is "Pages".. if i contact a NPC so i can only write limited letters into 1 page ... other pages i have to add with popups but that looks not very fine.

If i add a "contact npc" so i should have the option to add more pages, on this way i can put more informations into this pages or more story.

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