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01-11-2011, 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by VVargazm
And when you get right down to it. That's the debate in my mind. Are these things really game altering from cryptic's point of view? Yes to most of us a ship with different consoles makes for a different experience then the other ships. I think the argument could made that what they had in mind was something more like the gun you get as a reward in the dividian missions, the proton prototype. Something that would give you an advantage in PvP. And the core of the statement is the they won't be selling an advantage in the C-Store. I know it's shaky ground trying to be a mind reader or to guess intent. But I do think if you look at what is for sale with that mindset, the statement of no game altering items in the store still holds true.

I understand that for many people that view maybe seem like splitting hairs. Try and imagine if the Phaser Lance on the Galaxy X could really punch a hole clean through a ships hull for one shot kills like it does in the show. That sounds more like game altering to me then the light show it puts on now does.
To a point, I agree that it is like splitting hairs, the problem is that if the company is allowed to make that division going against what has previously been stated without discussion or being called on it, then they hold all of the cards and we simply take what we are given. No company should be permitted to conduct business that way without repercussions in a free market economy or they are guaranteed to take advantage of it over time.

I have previously referred to Cryptic's tactics in the CStore as "the thin end of the wedge" and they are attempting once again to insert that wedge further, expanding their profit margin at the expense of customers. While it is true that there is another sucker born every minute, the reputation eventually catches up and damages the way the company is viewed by any future customer base that does any research at all.

I have a fairly large investment in STO vis a vie my lifetime subscription and very much want to protect that investment.

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