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01-13-2011, 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
but i disagree with your statement. of course things must be prioritised but that does not mean we cant ask for things, otherwise the forums would get very boring indeed.
I dunno, there are lots of interesting things to talk about - but even if it would become "boring", would it not be better to have the "spotlight" reserved for ideas that actually drive the game forward and are not just about adding stuff like uniforms from "The Cage", which were only worn in a single friggin' episode, and would complement a selection that already has dozens of options?

I just think there's a little too much "idea spam" in the forum, whereas more "valid" topics frequently get lost amidst all the other stuff. I realize that validity is in the eye of the beholder, but in some cases I really wish this forum had a "downvote button". It's kind of like the relation between true criticism of existing problems and constant whining - both generates a lot of posts, but only one is constructive.

Originally Posted by Optimus32Prime View Post
I think it would be better to make a third playable faction and make it the orion syndicate [...]
Which is already part of the Klingon faction.

A truly neutral faction would be nice, though. One that could house traders and crafters as well as mercenaries and pirates. [Suggestion]
I myself would not really be interested in it, but I know many players already RP their characters this way - which the game makes very difficult, especially in Starfleet.

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