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# 1 Vesta Proposal
01-13-2011, 08:13 PM
I finished reading most of the Destiny series and am anxious to see the Vesta in the game so I played with dream stats a bit, enjoy your stay

Vesta Class Proposal (Tactical/Science Hybrid)

Suggested background blurb for STO: The Vesta is officially a extreme range explorer, but unofficially its a quick response vessel performing holding actions along with the excelsior class until the fleet arrives.

-Only non tactical ship to mount cannons.
-Only federation ship that has high tier powers that can mount dual cannons.
-Has target subsystems like science ships, and buff feature when implemented)

-Looses a forward weapon slot (like a science vessel)
-Looses a BO power in favor of higher ranked powers
-Looses a console.
-slower then most 'real' tactical ships, but still maneuverable enough to use dual cannons effectively.

Impulse modifier: .20
Inertia: 35
Turn Rate: 13
Crew 550
Hull points: 27000

Fore weapon slots: 3 (Any including dual or heavy dual cannons)
Aft weapon slots: 3
Has Science target subsystem ability.

Bridge Officer Stations:
Tactical: Commander (1)
Engineering: Lieutenant Commander (1)
Science: Lieutenant Commander (1), Lieutenant (1)
Total: 11

Console Slots:
Tactical: 3
Engineering: 2
Science: 3

Special- As slipstream is common on tier 5 ships, simply give her a reduced recharge or a increased run time, or if nothing else, transwarp (ala Excelsior). If a lower tier version is implemented, give it the equivalent of quantum slipstream drive like an admiral.

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