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Once the medical bay & Starbases are added...

What do people think about having real-time damage on both your crew and starships. For instance with crew, if minor the Doctor could beam down and heal (if safe), beam up the crew member if not. If the damage is light the starship could be repaired on journey. If the damage is extensive it would mean having to withdraw from a fight and limp to a starbase.

It would probably include having to add another level to the game - let us call it realism or natural or something similar. This would mean that some of the arcade aspects of the game would be removed (the player chooses whether to pick this level) yet I think it would appeal.

Rather than have teams of five (space or ground) let us double this and therefore the realism could be added in.

I know the aspect of death within the game is a contentious issue (he's dead Jim) so I'm leaving well, well, well alone lol.

This type of suggestion is not all new. I'm sure it was in previous Star Trek games and I personally quite liked it.

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