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# 1 Foundry additions
01-14-2011, 04:14 AM
I haven't had the chance to fully explore the foundry yet, i've had the chance to play with the basics, so these may allready be possible.

1) detailed enemy ship movement:

a) By this i mean the ability for ships to disengage and move to a seperate location.
seen in multipe instances throughout STO

b) the ability for enemy ships to have events triggered on health.... e.g. once they are 5% hull they run / cloak, live to fight another day etc.

2) escort missions:

escort npcs/ships from points a to b (im sure this is allready in, time constraints have meant i have not explored the foundry as much as i would like)

3) time-travel

the awe-some slingshot round the sun experience...... a simple must for all time travel missions.

4) ship control

the ability to take control of an enemy ship (temporarily in the instance), im not even sure this is implementable, but the reverse should also be true... losing control of ones ship temporarily.

5) other events, not player driven

ships tractor beaming other ships
ships attacking other ships as opposed to just spawning when one warps into another sector.

6) comprehensive interior designer

perhaps 2D (to avoid bugs) but a nice level / ship designer would be nice, using prefabbed ship interiors will only have a certain lifespan.

7) embelem rewards
we need a carrot on this stick, im talking basic embelems that get standard rewards / daily rewards (not task force level)

excellent work on the foundry so far, i think its a fantastic idea, i'm only asking about the above as i would really like to contribute, give me the tools, i'll give you the content
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# 2
01-14-2011, 05:04 AM
The only one you can kindof do rigfht now is the slingshot time-traveling idea.

Simply make a space map with a smaller planet (just so that it doesn`t take an hour to get around the thing).
Then place several location markers around the planet. At each one I would place an object so that they could aim for it.
Now you probably can`t add in dialogue as it would slow your ship (I think) but try it just incase, maybe it won`t.
Once you get to the last marker, blast-off to your next map. Time-travelled...

The only thing you can`t do yet is the automatic speed up every time you reach a marker.
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# 3 :)
01-14-2011, 07:52 AM
i thought as much, i would (and im sure others) would love the speed up effect, don't get me wrong ill get what im given . Im just hopefull a couple of the 'hacks' will be made more formal, theres something unsettling about building items under the terrain etc to achieve certain 'hack' effects

any thoughts on the above (curious if my request are completley retarde) or could actually benefit others?
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# 4
01-14-2011, 08:51 AM
I dunno... that speed-up effect was a pain in the butt for me... but that's just me LOL

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