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# 1 Fluff ideas
01-13-2011, 02:26 PM
This is just a list of some fluff I'd like to see added; there are thousands (literally) of threads covering every conceivable idea to change the gameplay. Most are cool ideas, many are impractical, and some are just silly. I'm limiting my list mostly to the cosmetic, as it tends to be much easier to implement.

If one of these ideas has been covered elsewhere, that's great; don't bother pointing me to the thread. I'm satisfied that it's covered. If it's already in-game and I just haven't found it in the options screen or encountered it yet (I'm only at mid-Commander levels as I write this), just tell me so; I'll be grateful for your guidance.

Finally, this stuff I'm going to list is definitely in the roleplaying vein. If you don't like roleplaying or think it's just stupid, good for you; keep it to yourself. I'm not interested in hearing you snipe at RPers. I'm an old man who grew up on the original Star Trek, and this is as close as I'll ever get to being a dashing space explorer. Kindly allow me my fantasy. In other words, if you're a "power-leveler" type of MMO player, you really don't want to read this thread. But you probably will anyway, just because I told you that you don't want to...

In no particular order of importance:

1) An option to turn off armor and kit visibility. I can't find this option, so I assume it's either not there or I'm just blind to it. If the latter, please point me in the right direction, because I get tired of de-slotting those items when I go to walk around starbases and suchlike. But I also want them turned off on my bridge officers. I've got all the TOS uniforms on them, complete with proper rank insignia, and it's a real bummer I can't see that delicious little Andi Tac Officer in that miniskirt when we beam down to yet another planetary bloodbath.

2) Uniform variants. Not the huge variety of quasi-uniforms you can make for yourself, but canon variants within a set. For example, Kirk's off duty pull-over shirt, the green one with the ship badge turned sideways on the bottom of the shirt. (GIS for "kirk trouble with tribbles" if you're unsure what I'm babbling about).

2a) Formal dress uniforms for senior officers, (Captain and above), with the ability to display those dozens of "achievement" ribbons would be nice -- though I'm not sure I want to display all those "Congratulations! You Got Blown Up In Yet Another New And Interesting Way!" awards....

2b) More uniform accessories presented for mission and career achievements: dress swords, covers, campaign braids, etc. Lots of possibilities here.

2c) All this uniform stuff = C-store.

2d) Yes, I know I'm obsessing over uniforms. I can't help myself; it derives from years of wearing one. It's a sickness.

3) An option to display sidearms when holstered.

4) When a shore party is beaming aboard, only show the leader tapping his combadge. Having everybody in the shore party do it looks, well... silly.

4a) If you're feeling ambitious, create a TOS-style communicator animation for beaming aboard and make it available to owners of the TOS and Mirror uniform set.

5) Allow us to turn off the "engine trails" on the ships. Very annoying. I can understand how fast I'm going without seeing florescent mardi gras banners stringing out a mile behind my vessel, thanks.

6) Allow alternate and player-selectable animations and sounds for weapons, (e.g. - the "gatling phaser" effect from ST:TWOK, or the TOS photon torpedo effect). I'm even willing to spend C-store points for this one.

The following suggestions are more roleplay oriented, and also require more than just art modification, so they may be impractical.

7) Allow more extensive decoration and modification of the Captain's Quarters and Ready Room.

8) Provide a selectable option that will always place my character (and shore party, if any) in the transporter room when he beams aboard. He must then make his way to the bridge and sit in the captain's chair in order to take control of the vessel and move out to the tactical view. Reverse the process to beam down. N.B. - Yes, I'm well aware that most of you power levelers think this idea is silly and a waste of development resources; don't bother with unburdening your opinion on the matter. There are those of us who enjoy the game in a different way than you do and would find the option immersive and entertaining.

9) In concert with the above, examine the possibility of the Foundry tools being used to allow creation of full interior ship models by players, (i.e. - all decks, every crew space, jeffries tubes, etc.). I realize the devs don't have the artwork resources to devote to what amounts to roleplaying fluff on such a huge scale, but many players (me included) have the skills and desire to craft such an addition to the game.

10) Make the bridge screen a "clickable map," which can be zoomed to any sector. Then let me select my destination and get underway. Allow the bridge screen to be a "window" onto the standard (and gorgeous, thank you devs) Sector Space view, which I can rotate within the window using the mouse. In the event of an encounter, it automatically jumps out the full SS view.

11) Purposeful spaces in ships. You're already working on the usable sickbay concept, and this can be spread to multiple different areas. Since this is covered elsewhere by many posters and you're already on the case, (and it's not in keeping with my 'fluff' theme), I'll say no more on the subject.

12) Allow senior Captains (the top five levels) to display the rank of Commodore as a title. The "rank" is currently in use by the US Navy as a courtesy to Captains serving in non-commanding senior billets, (think CAG). If you want to get REALLY fluff-roleplay-nerdy, make it so that any time a player with the rank of Captain comes aboard another player's ship, the visitor's title is automatically changed to Commodore as a courtesy promotion. (If you don't understand what I'm talking about, don't worry about it; you probably won't be interested anyway).

13) Not an addition per se, but a broad suggestion: profit-sharing incentive. You have a huge resource here, in the form of the biggest and most active (and I would argue most intelligent) fan base in science fiction. Make use of it. Release modding tools allowing people to create ships, hand weapons, accessories, what have you. Get the dev team to vet the submissions, and sell the best of them on the C-store. The creator gets a small share of the profits, your business grows, and the fans have more toys. Everybody wins. I realize that there may very well be licensing issues involved, especially as we're dealing with the notoriously prickly Star Trek IP, but it'd be great if you could find a way to make it work.

Cryptic: Thank you very much for your hard work on this wonderful virtual world. I look forward to seeing it grow and blossom over the coming years. You've made an old Trekkie very happy, (and my long-suffering wife is even more bewildered than ever before by my life-long fascination).
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# 2
01-13-2011, 02:31 PM
Like most of the fluff ideas, I do like to play dress up.

As to armor and kits, Right click on them there is a option to hide.
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# 3
01-13-2011, 02:38 PM
Thank you, maina. I've no idea why I didn't think of trying that. Probably age and alcohol, if I had to guess.
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# 4
01-13-2011, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by ApathyCurve
Thank you, maina. I've no idea why I didn't think of trying that. Probably age and alcohol, if I had to guess.
Oh, I know all about that...

There is talk of the foundry allowing us to customize the interiors of our ships in the future, so it is possible that we may get the options you brought up for the ready room and captains quaters, but I see you already brought that up.

A option to end up in the transporter is ok, but I do prefer the point to point transporter use. 7 of 9 used it to transport to Chakotay's quarters. I'd much rather get beamed directly to the bridge in a crisis to save time, or anywhere else when I am feeling lazy.

So Fluff is good in general and I say that knowing that many would say we need more content and bug fixes. We can hope huh?

Have a good game.
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# 5
01-14-2011, 11:28 AM
There was a really, really detailed thread a very long time ago about putting mini games into the game.
It sounded like a ton of fun.
But I have not seen that thread in months.
And I don't know who made the thread so I can search for it.
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# 6 Still hoping for
01-14-2011, 11:36 AM
Pink dog fron the TOS show The Enemy within and kriks season two shirt.

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