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# 1 multi tier ships
01-14-2011, 10:54 AM
Ive been wondering, there's a lot of talk of people who wanna see their favo old ship retrofitted for max lvl, while i understand this is impossible (lol old connie winning from a sove what a joke) it would still be nice if a certain ship would not just be usefull for one tier. but like, maybe 3. atm there are a few ships that lvl up with you, so why couldnt say, a miranda lvl up with you to tier 3, and then be outdated? its a small adjustment (i think) which would prob please a few people out there.

If ever we admirals get "ship pets" asin, a old BO that now flies a ship next to our flagship, it would be nice if i could make em fly a low tier ship and not suck completely.

And another thought: If ever we see tier 6 ships .... i hope to god i can still fly my nebula (because im in love with it)


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