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I wasn't sure where to post this until others confirmed the new way I and a teammate have been seeing cloak and MES work now. Until the latest patch this week we were able to interact with the mission without it dropping our cloak. But now, every single dialog or button click that used to -not- drop our cloak or MES does now. Did I miss a memo somewhere? Was there a raging flamewar about a nerf/change to cloak/MES that I missed?

Even if on a team and you both are cloaked if either of you interact with the mission or talk to an NPC both people get popped out of cloak. Before iirc it was only when interacting with a mission object or scanning an anomaly, etc. did your cloak get popped. I saw this and tested it on several characters and thought it was surely a bug, but after doing forum searches and trying to search bug reports I found nothing. I also waited a couple of days after the patch to see if anyone else mentioned this but I've seen nothing about it.

Is this new or is this a bug? Are other people having this same issue with their cloak or MES? I didn't post in the bug forum yet because I wasn't sure if this was a new nerf or something.

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