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Sorry I haven't really been in the Foundry much guys. School was ending for the most part, and then I got obsessed with leveling up my Klingon character so Foundry production just went on a stand still.

However, I recently checked on the reviews of my very first missions and decided they were in need of an update. So I've spent my Saturday sitting in the Foundry painstakingly trying to address various concerns I've had with it and taking suggestions from reviews into account. I'd really like for anyone who's remotely interested to please play the new, updated mission on Tribble by searching for "To Helna and Back", or even review it or leave comments. For those who are REALLY interested, below is a list of some of the updates

Clearer Directions - After talking to the NPC contact on Risa, the mission text on the side of the screen will tell you to head to Tazi -- if you speed through the pop up windows and miss your security officer telling you where to go, you will always have the next mission objective informing you now.

Aligress is a Bit More Interesting- I've thrown in some more debris and changed the heights around on some of the objects floating in the Aligress system. It isn't drastic, but it does break up the horziontal plane ever so slightly. Before, it was painstakingly obvious it was my first map and I had just thrown things down on the same plane of height.

NPCs Animate- Enemies that were previously standing around in groups waiting for you are now turned to eachother, talking in conversation, or actually ... you know ... doing their jobs before you attack them. I hope this makes the mission feel a bit more alive. There's even an enemy or two that well yell when shot.
- The Starfleet officers held captive in the cells are now fittingly terrified
- The Midway forces Klingons are chilling out in conversation by some chairs when you walk up.
- Ensign Helna now fittingly beckons you over to her by waving her hands and shouting "Hey guys, over here!"

Decor Has Been Updated - Before, most of the rooms of the Klingon Staging Grounds were 100% empty. Now here's chairs, consoles, reactors, and things that flesh out these Klingons' meger existances.
- Complaints were made that the "crates of bloodwine" were BOff traps and many players' away team members were getting stuck on them, so the Klingons have gotten a bit tidy and pushed the crates towards the wall and stacked some of them. How thoughtful of those Klingons!
- I always thought it was a little out of place that I'd put a Klingon combat ring in the last room of the base. Instead, the combat ring has been replaced with a kind of "Central Command", along with several other consoles and devices, to make the final room feel more convincingly like this is their base of operations.

A "Slightly" Less Snarky Captain- Compliaints were made that I'd put a little too many words into players' Captain's mouth. However, some reviews said they loved it. Other reviews said "Just use Continue!" so I've edited the dialogue to be about 50/50. Some times you'll press "Continue" as a response, other times your Captain will have a subdued and casual sense of humor much like the TV shows. Trying to please everybody. :p

Additional Objective - As per a review suggestion, the final objective in the mission is to lower the forcefields.

Known Issues -
- BOffs get stuck trying to walk through corridors. Very often. Guess what? I can't do anything about this -- this is just a bug with this map on the Foundry. I seriously considered changing the map all together, but I found that the other Klingon maps were just as bad if not worse. Therefor, I advise players to just look over their shoulder and make sure their BOffs are with them. If they're not, just run back there so they can get freed up and follow you again.
- Occasionally, you may shoot an enemy through the wall. Yeah ..... bugs.

Remember, reviews are direly important for us fixing things in our missions and making them more fun, so keep at em!
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01-16-2011, 04:43 AM
Sounds like a fun mission. Will play it tomorrow when I actually have time to play anything.

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