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01-16-2011, 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by Jim_Sheridan View Post
Well, a choice-and-failure type of story telling might not be the typical stuff for MMO´s. Still i am a fan of the old Star Trek adventures and love that style. Options and command decisions, like a captain! I assume there might be folks out there loving my stories. If the majority doesn´t, well, everyone has his own style.
That's the spirit.

However, there is a reason why MMO's have not yet ventured into the choice and consequences realm. That reason is, team gameplay. If you've ever played an STO mission called Suspect, where one Franklin Drake (a Section 31 operative) claims a Starfleet Captain is actually an Undine. The player has to pick sides and attack one or the other. Either Drake or the Captain must be fought and when playing this mission on a team, the mission does not allow the team to be divide according to the individual choices of each player!

Another consideration is that including actual choice and consequences gameplay in MMO's is probably going to inflate missions with extra dialog and perhaps even extra content that not many players will even get to experience because most people would simply try to read a guide about the mission and follow the path of least resistance and most reward.

Under conditions like that, is it any surprise that most MMO's simply focus on tried and tested gameplay concepts like "Kill 10 Targs"?

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