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{Have to say patience is a virtue. after posting this I went back to My Account and a new payment method tab was available. and all is well in my universe. have decided to leave this up for the amusement of others. However if a helper or dev doesn't think its funny. I give permission to delete it. PegasusMD, I thought I had something different to offer this thread, but I'm as silly as the next person.}

thank you

Helpful User, Tech Support

Your patience with this thread has probably been extremely hard to maintain.
There are no one answers in this thread to any one concerns. please if you have the time to rant and rave about your problem take the time to post the out come.

I luckily did all the right things before coming across this thread. But if I am to complain its the ticketing system. I'm clued in pc wise, but that took some work.

Ticketing for anyone having trouble

go to
click on create new ticket.
choose between tech or billing
Search for your problem.
click on My issue isn't listed here, create a new one!

good luck.

here is my issue for your amusment.

"re activating an account with adiferant payment method from an Australian Direct Debit Card.

Okay lets start from the beginning. Bought STO gold edition in Australia and with activation code and 30 day game card. Bought an edition 2X30 day game cards. Played for three months then had net problems. now I'm inactive and tried to do a 1 month subscription. Entered all the details required and submitted. I then got a message saying invalid details. So I tried again thinking I missed something and again invalid card details. so I thought maybe I'm entering the wrong cw numbers. lets just say I tried several times. poop. called my card company. they said international purchases over the net send a 1 dollar debit before extracting the amount and so fare I have three pending. so I checked my account and yes she was right. so she told me to wait and try again later. so I did that. still “invalid card details”. so I've been all over the forums from the sto website as well as the Atari one looking for an answer. Tried to figure out this ticket thing and I'm finally here after 3 hour of trying to figure out how to get answers or at least complain. check out.

firstly what am I doing wrong. I understand the who 30 day thing, but when am I getting billed. will I get billed for every 1 dollar pending approval for the benefit of your company and my time.

secondly the ticket thing sucks and annoys people. The game is awesome cryptic is awesome. the only one letting the teamdown is whoever this goes too. secondly give me a email address to voice my concerns as you are turning away players by being bigots with your unanswered queries.

Thirdly please give me a reasonable answer. And I know the poor person reading this isn't to blame. But give me someone to complain to. the billing system sucks and needs to change. Who can make that happen? or at least give us a reasonable non confusing link with all the information and procedures in simple terms so we can get on with our lives and stop sifting through relentless page content with the same information and no answers.

End Rant
Love you.
And thank you for a great game."

and I chose not to edit because they should have to work to understand me, as I tried to with them. HAHAHAA.

I will post my out come once I get answers.
Unless anyone out there who is helpful that has had a similar problem could shed dome light.

Okay back to Stoked to catch up on 4-6 months in solitary confinement of STO......
I am and for ever will be mentally distraught from my withdrawal symptoms.
and sorry if My GOD comment a fends anyone. "Decided to take it out in case its in the code 0of conduct."

But I'm Aussie it's hard to do anything with out swearing.
Bleedin cockatoos got a hold of my mind and made me write to a dingo in me sleep.


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