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01-17-2011, 11:51 AM
Originally Posted by DLRevan View Post
Im wondering how far your going to take bashing cryptic's stuff. To the point where one reason their missions suck is because they dont have someone talking in binary.
The guy speaking in binary is just an example of how you can be creative and make the mission interesting if you have a little imagination. It's like Dr. Who in the 70's. The sets and the makeup were boffo, but because the writers were really creative they took what they had an made really compelling stories, even though they didn't have the advanced computer generated graphics we have today.

The flip side is, there are plenty of movies out there that RELY on the graphics to make the experience good but the plot is empty and boring. You can do a lot with a little creativity. This mission just shows that a lot of the sto writers 1) don't know Star Trek and 2) aren't very creative.

But creativity is a rare talent so I'm just happy we have the foundry. :p

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