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hello there. I'm a Newly VA Tactical, who flies a tactical escort retrofit. I have done quite a bit of pvp and just about finished out my diplomatic xp. I'm thinking its time to get more into the RP community here else the game will start to bore me, and I don't want that.

However the character I'm playing does not quite fit within the strict military like feel I have gotten from some of the RP fleets I've run into in game and have read about here. Please excuse me if I overlooked someone, but the search option just wasn't giving results, so I decided to post.

I'm looking for a fleet, and while non military isn't a requirement, acceptance of members that are not. (like an ambassador, emissary or independent explorer) is needed. I looking for a fleet that is heavy RP, that is that RP is its main focus. I love participating in group story lines, and events so that is a big plus.

Thanks for reading, and for the feedback.

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