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01-06-2011, 02:39 PM
You know what....I agree....everything should be free......for me!:p
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01-06-2011, 05:36 PM
I am glad that there are more people are starting to voice an opinion on this topic. Good, Bad, or Indifferent, opinions should come out. And while I can't comment on all the different posts, there are a few that jump out at me that I want to respond to. Someone said something about the bunch of Galaxy-X's that are flying around space. Perfect example of something I have been speaking about. Can you name me another cruiser on the Federation side, that I can get without making additional purchases, that has a cloaking device? This would be an unfair advantage, which, if I wanted to nullify or have, I would have to buy the ship. And If I wanted to buy the ship, it'll cost the amount of two month subscriptions. Unless I want to sink more money into digital items, which are non transferable, I am stuck not being able to get that ship. Someone also said they are really greedy, being Cryptic, which is true, everybody is out to make money, however, I think this game might be loosely based on three groups of people. People who look at the microtransactions and refuse to pay, which may be small percentage, then there is the people who don't mind the C-Store and paying real world money for digital items, then there is the group who most likely don't even know what the C-Store is. Cryptic is hedging bets on the MIn/Max players, and the Startrek nuts that must have them all, and are using it to their advantage. I think that they while they might not make as much money producing expansions, as they do in the C-Store, producing an expansion would give an increased income at one time.

They are continually working on the game, which is good, any MMO should be doing this. And important bug fixes, along with patches is not something they should charge for either. However, they should not be trying to nickel and dime us to death, when most of this should be in an expansion type environment, that is accessible to all of us, without having to shell out $150+.
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# 33
01-06-2011, 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by convoy7734
Most P2P MMOs now a days use "microtransactions"

A link to EQ2ss store: http://soe-ing.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/...p_sid=akrXypjk

A link to Wow's store: http://us.blizzard.com/store/browse.xml?f=c:5,c:33#p1 and on top of that blizzard sells a card game that has ultra rare card that can be redeemed for in game items (thats sounds like they are trying to get you to pay for in game item) and this is not including there "premium services"

Warhammer online has a microtransaction store

And the new star wars game will be microtransaction based (source: http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/56292

So instead of raising subscription rates companies are coming up with new ways to make more money
EQ: My bad

WoW's store only offers aesthetic items and alternate ways to get things you could get for 'free' in game, and 'premium' services like name changes, server transfers, etc., have never been part of the unofficial 'MMO Contract' so I'm not worried about them.

Warhammer: Not exactly gaining followers.

TOR: Can't be sure, but it looks like it'll be micro transaction only if at all (That tag line about 'misunderstanding' at the top makes the whole thing unstable for source material) which is fine.
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# 34
01-19-2011, 06:20 PM
*Casts Raise Dead on forum post*

Apparently I am not the only one who is starting to see the unfairness. I just saw another OMG $25 for digital property again! Very soon, people see see whats happening, and slowly but surely, the tides will change. I am going to make the prediction now.

In either the 4th quarter of this year 2011, STO will end up going free to play, the lastest would be 1st quarter of 2012. If this trend continues, it will be better then the Borg Battle on the last day of beta! Or Data's oh Sh** moment!
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01-19-2011, 08:27 PM
not gonna read all the replys but i can say the poster is right about what he is saying! you do need to keep paying for a game you already paying monthly for! thats not fair.

i don't mind a c-store if the game was "free 2 play" witch it is not ! "YET" i still strongly believe that the game will soon go free2play, there packing the c-store way to fast if you ask me.
and if you want to take other mmo's as example, most of them give/have FREE updates/content! i'v read the reply about world of ******** yes you have to pay for "MAJOR" content updates, people always tend to leave out that blizzard gives small content updates FREE! if you look at STO, don't be the jerk and just think what did we get for FREE ... the weekly missions "good point" what else? Bugs and fixes "my god lucky we don't have to pay extra for that" ehm what else? i'm sure there 1 or 2 more things i can't think off now, now look at there C-Store .. its packed with goodies you have to pay extra for ?! fair or just plain greedy of Cryptic?

i look it at this, i have most of the c-store items why cus i WANT them and thats my weakness sad part of it is Cryptic knows and i'm not alone i bet 90% Trek fans WANT the extra items and thats why Cryptic is gonna keep stuffing the C-store, it will never stop.
i know a company is there to make money and not to give it away but this is plain greedy its a "kill fest" a "pray on the weakness of the fans fest". i can go on all day BUT if cryptic give players the opportunity to get ALL the store items in game true either missions or badges or what ever daily i would be totally ok with the c-store and the way the game goes now! "not that i won't buy stuff any more, i'm lazy and not the farm type" but at least i don't feel mugged.

wel i'm done with my rage, will i stop playing the game now? nah not a chance, not gonna happen still happy with the game.

my idea of how Cryptic can fix the C-store image:
- make every costume item available in game somehow, either by daily missions or by crafting!!
- things that i strongly believe need to be in the c-store are, services, ship bridges, over-powered ships aka Galaxy X and that other new siege type ship, Pre-order items.
- things that are absurd to be in the c-store, RACES really you sell them !! its not bad that you can't create more then 3 chars before you need to service more slots, that you really have to sell new races !! ehmbl that fact makes me so mad every time i think of that !! pff anyways.

PS: i totally know this reply is not gonna solve the c-store or the way it is used by cryptic, sadly, at least that steam is off my chest again. oh and i hope my crapy english is understandable.

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