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01-24-2011, 04:42 AM
Good Morning;

Deep Space 9 RP Associates are now taking applications for our new fleet. Unlike other fleet,s this is 100% role play based. Although when not doing scheduled or "off the hip" RP, we will obviously help each other out with missions.

Most of our RP will be based on board the Captain's ship, with other missions being done on away missions and on the Deep Space 9 space station.

Current Positions Are:

Captain: Filled
XO: Applications Accepted
Counselor: Open
Operations: Open
Tactical Officer: Open
Con/Pilot: Open


Chief Science Officer: Filled
Science Officer: Open
Science Officer: Open
Science Officer: Open


Chief Engineering Officer: Filled
Engineer: Open
Engineer: Open
Engineer: Open


Chief of Security: Pending Application
Security Officer: Open
Security Officer: Open
Security Officer: Open


Chief Medical Officer: Applications Accepted
Medical Officer: Open
Medical Officer: Open

Bartender: Open
Other Positions May Come Open

Notes: Again this is a 100% Role Play fleet. Applicants should have a dedicated character with a full BIO done. If you don't know how to RP, that is fine, we can teach you.

TO APPLY: Send an email to me or contact me in game at any @1stCavArmyVet characters.

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