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There is a lot of discussion about players not knowing how to handle this situation or that ship. I do believe that most of the problems stems from a lack of educational material present in the game. Without this material the casual PvP will always want something or another nerf'd. Education is what is needed.

This is were hardcore PvPers comes in to play. We are the ones who have developed tactics that are effective. We have spent hours on end reviewing our game play, analyzing our opponents strategy (or lack there of), modifying our BOffs, and tweaking our loadouts. Collectively, we have the knowledge to make EVERYONE a better player. We use this knowledge purposefully against other hPvPer and innately in PuGs. Therein lies the problem ... only we have the knowledge.

So, I propose we develop a series of L2P threads. (L2P being constructive not derogatory.) The purpose is to provide access known effective strategies and tactics to the casual PvP player. If it is a situation where Feds need educating ... put it here: Federation Gameplay. If it is a situation where Klingons need educating ... put it here: Klingon Gameplay. Down the road, when other playable factions are added we can put those discussions in their associated Gameplay forum.

Okay, so the PROPOSED changes to Klingon carriers is getting EVERYONE in an uproar. Feds say this. Klingons say that. Blah, blah, blah. I'm going to stay out of that discussion AND ask that we not have that discussion here. However we can use it as our first installment of L2P articles.

To start, I have noted that a lot of that discussion centers around the carrier as an isolated unit and comparing it to this, that or the other ship, but I have seen no discussion regarding its inclusion as a part of a team. So, I ask those who play Fed and Klingon: How do you handle a carrier in PvP? How do you handle 2 ... 3? What tactic should you expect to see from a carrier captain? How do you deal with the pet population?

(Please be civil.)

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