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Yeah, not sure if the you Dev's intended for the dialogue button to do the same as the dialogue text does, or not, when using [ShipName] etc (in fact all of them to be honest)

What i mean is, that in my mission (Soon to be Released), in one Dialogue button i am communicating to my ship so i enter the following text into the button - "[LastName] to [ShipName].. 1 to Beam Up". Now it should appear in game like this for example "Picard to Enterprise.. 1 to beam up." But it dosn't, it just appears on the in mission popup dialogue button exactly as i wrote it in the UGC Story. e.g. [LastName] to [ShipName] etc.

Any chance of a fix for this, pretty please. I need it for my completed mission "Lost In Time Series 'Episode 1 S.S. Trafford'" - which is the full mission of the prelude mission that i release earlier and have a thread on the foundry discussion board for, otherwise i will have to reword it and it won't sound as right.

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