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# 1 Looking 4 Fleet
01-29-2011, 10:02 AM
U.S. Central Time Zone but when i play it could by any time since sleep schedule changes.
Currently low tier klinks.
Want fleet to have ts or vent. (preferebly at least 5-10+ ppl on ts or vent normally) Only team up with ppl on ts or vent 90% of the time.
Needs to be primarilly a klink fleet, not a Fed alt klink fleet. Currently in a fed fleet with a klink alt fleet, there never on so.
Don't mind me being gone for up to a month. (get busy sometimes, but when i get on i get on to play with others.) When im playing normally i play for like 4 hours in a day and its for like 1 or 2 weeks and then in between day in and day out.
Dont care about fleet bank so i dont need any kind of rank just respect.
Dont want drama, just here to play a game, just fun. This also includes not dealing with ppl with there head in there ***.
Lol, dont take this to personal but if we're not talking about sto lets not be nerdy. <---Maybe im sticking my foot in my mouth with that one.
I like to joke around hinse the statement above.
Do curse occasionally so if i keep it to a minimum that should be ok, not one of those *** **** *** ***** that go off like that.
Im laid back so i never start anything.

I believe this covers it.

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